Supporting Polygon: Creative Owls Presents the VR Premiere of “SCALE: Zero-Knowledge and the Quest for the New Internet”

Mark your calendars for the 30th and 31st of August 2023, as we virtually open the doors to an unparalleled cinematic experience. 

Prepare to embark on a journey where innovation converges with transformation as Creative Owls proudly unveils the virtual reality premiere of “SCALE: Zero-Knowledge and the Pursuit of the New Internet.” In a landscape where technology’s limits are perpetually pushed, and conventional systems of control are being dismantled, this documentary reveals the captivating expedition of visionary coders striving to usher in an era of empowerment and self-governance. Anchored at the heart of this narrative is the remarkable engineering triumph of Polygon zkEVM, a protocol poised to achieve infinite scaling for Ethereum and beyond.

Be transported across the globe on a captivating expedition, journeying from Catalonia to San Diego, Bogota, Paris, and Berlin, as you follow the path of trailblazers like Jordi Baylina, David Schwartz, and Antoni Martin. Witness their evolution from a nascent concept to open-sourced code, a bustling public testnet, and the zenith – the launch of the mainnet beta. Guided by the insights of Polygon’s co-founders, you’ll gain profound insight into the revolutionary implications of this technology for the future of Web3.

 Jordi Baylina, one of the brilliant architects of this marvel, encapsulates the project’s essence succinctly: “This is for any community that aspires to be liberated.” The documentary delves into the heart of this sentiment, highlighting how Polygon zkEVM transcends conventional limits to empower and democratize.

At Creative Owls, we wholeheartedly believe in the potency of innovation and the enchantment of storytelling. As a tribute to the audacious spirit of Polygon’s creators, we’re crafting a virtual reality space where you can experience this monumental documentary. Brace yourself to be captivated as the boundaries between reality and imagination blur, heralding an era of cinematic engagement unlike any other.

In a world grappling with its own evolution, “SCALE: Zero-Knowledge and the Pursuit of the New Internet” stands as a testament to human ingenuity and the tireless pursuit of progress. Join us on the 30th and 31st of August 2023 as we redefine the very concept of movie premieres, plunging headfirst into a digital realm that mirrors the boundless potential of the celebrated technology.

Bear witness to the dawn of the new internet, become a part of history, and let Creative Owls transport you to a realm of innovation, empowerment, and limitless imagination.