Our recent X Space, “Building the Future: Building Sustainable Communities in the Metaverse,” was a tremendous success, drawing 264 live listeners and sparking an in-depth conversation about the future of digital communities. Hosted by @MyCreativeOwls and @tangpoko, the discussion featured insights from notable speakers such as @StarDawgs, @seangmann, @AwedJob, @ExistentialNoHo, @LavaHeadsNFT, @MAKEANFT, @brianlife, @iraxlab, @RelentlessE_M_P, and @PrizemArtNft. Here’s a detailed look at the key insights and takeaways from the three main sections of our discussion.

If You Were to Build a New Community Today, What Would You Do?

In the first section, our guests shared their visions for creating new communities in today’s digital landscape. Here are the main points:

  1. Find Trustworthy People and the Right People
    Building a strong community begins with identifying and engaging trustworthy individuals who align with the community’s vision and values. These core members are crucial for establishing a safe and supportive environment.
  2. Set Up Rules, Mission, Vision, and Values
    Establishing a clear framework of rules, a mission, vision, and values helps define the community’s identity and purpose. This structure guides member behavior and attracts like-minded individuals.
  3. Have Membership Tiers
    Implementing membership tiers creates a sense of exclusivity and rewards active participation. Different levels of membership can offer various benefits and responsibilities, fostering progression and commitment among members.
  4. Use New Platforms for Learning and Sharing Knowledge
    Leveraging platforms like YouTube, Twitter Community Groups, and Discord provides members with diverse avenues to learn and share knowledge. These platforms facilitate robust discussions, resource sharing, and collaborative projects, enhancing the overall community experience.

What Are We Doing Well Now?

The second section focused on our strengths and what we are currently doing well in the Metaverse space:

  1. Being Crafty and Creating with the Tools and Skills We Have Now
    Innovating with existing resources has been a hallmark of success. By maximizing the potential of current tools and leveraging available skills, community members continuously push the boundaries of what’s possible in the metaverse.
  2. Collaboration with Others
    Strong community bonds are built through collaboration. By working together, members can pool their talents and ideas, creating something greater than the sum of its parts. This collaborative spirit drives many successful initiatives.
  3. Having Global Connections
    The metaverse transcends geographical boundaries, allowing for global connections. This diversity enriches communities with varied perspectives and experiences, fostering a more inclusive and dynamic environment.
  4. Creating Unique and Diverse Experiences
    Continuously crafting unique and diverse experiences keeps community members engaged and attracts new members eager to explore and participate.
  5. Staying Consistent
    Consistency in efforts ensures steady progress and reliability within the community. Whether it’s regular events, updates, or engagement, maintaining a consistent presence builds trust and fosters loyalty.
  6. Publishing Experiences Across Different Social Media Platforms
    Sharing journeys and successes on platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram helps spread the word about the community. This visibility attracts new members and keeps current members informed and inspired.

What Do We Need to Stop Doing?

The final part of the discussion addressed practices that need to change to ensure continued growth and sustainability:

  1. Not Collaborating Across Other Platforms
    Limiting collaboration to a few platforms restricts reach and potential. Actively seeking and establishing partnerships across diverse platforms enhances visibility and influence.
  2. Not Creating Enough Educational Content
    Providing valuable content is key to fostering an informed and engaged community. Prioritizing the creation of educational resources enhances the overall knowledge base of the community.
  3. Overusing the Term “Metaverse”
    The term “metaverse” is often overused and can become a buzzword. Diversifying terminology by incorporating phrases like “digital worlds,” “digital experiences,” and “virtual worlds” can attract a broader audience.
  4. Allowing Negative People in the Community
    Negativity can be detrimental to community morale and growth. Maintaining a positive and supportive environment by addressing negative behavior promptly fosters a culture of respect and encouragement.
  5. Not Exploring Other Platforms
    Sticking to familiar platforms can limit potential. Being open to exploring and utilizing new platforms offers additional features and opportunities for growth and engagement.
  6. Not Tokenizing in Our Communities We are not leveraging tokenization within our communities to facilitate the purchase of assets, digital goods, and increase transactions. Implementing token-based economies can enhance engagement and provide more value to members.

Thank You to Our Contributors

We extend our thanks to the following creators for their valuable contributions to the conversation:

  • @StarDawgs
  • @seangmann
  • @AwedJob
  • @ExistentialNoHo
  • @LavaHeadsNFT
  • @brianlife
  • @iraxlab
  • @RelentlessE_M_P
  • @PrizemArtNft

Final Thoughts

By focusing on key areas, leveraging our strengths, and making necessary changes, we can continue to drive the growth and evolution of the metaverse. Join us for these engaging spaces every Friday at 4 PM EST LIVE on X. Stay tuned for more exciting discussions and events as we build the future together!