Our recent X Space, “Building the Future: Metaverse Challenges and Exciting Events,” was a success, bringing together experts from different platforms and enthusiasts from the Metaverse community. With 140 live listeners and a raw discussion, we explored critical aspects of the Metaverse. Here’s a detailed look at the key insights and takeaways from the three main sections of our discussion.

What We Need to Double Down On

In the first section, we discussed areas where we need to intensify our efforts to drive the growth and evolution of the Metaverse. Here are the main points:

  1. Content Creators: Investing more in content creators is essential. Their creativity and innovation are the backbone of the Metaverse, driving engagement and user retention.
  2. Bringing New People & Projects: Attracting new participants and projects will inject fresh ideas and energy into the Metaverse, fostering a dynamic and evolving environment.
  3. Collaborating with Other Creators: Collaboration is key. By working together, creators can combine their strengths and create richer, more immersive digital experiences.
  4. Making It Easier to Create Digital Worlds: Simplifying the process of creating digital worlds will encourage more people to participate. Tools and platforms that lower the barrier to entry are crucial.
  5. Getting Low Code/No Code Solutions: Providing low code or no code solutions will democratize development, allowing those without extensive technical skills to contribute meaningfully to the Metaverse.

What We Are Doing Well

The second section focused on our strengths and what we are currently doing well in the Metaverse space:

  1. Posting on Social Media Channels and Timeline: We are effectively using social media to promote events, share updates, and engage with the community.
  2. Creating and Building Relationships: Strong relationships and networks are being formed, which are essential for collaboration and growth.
  3. Onboarding New Communities: Successfully bringing new communities into the Metaverse, expanding our reach and influence.
  4. Improving Our Skills: Continuously learning new applications, tools, and skills to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.
  5. Theme Events: Organizing themed events that capture interest and drive engagement.
  6. Communication: Maintaining open and effective communication channels within the community.
  7. Adopting New Platforms: Embracing new platforms that combine NFT projects, enhancing our ability to innovate and collaborate.

What We Need to Stop Doing

In the final section, we identified areas where we need to make changes or stop certain practices:

  1. Overbuilding: Avoid overbuilding, which can lead to complexity, inefficiency, and BURN OUT. Focus on quality and user experience instead.
  2. Not Charging for Our Services: Ensure that we are charging appropriately for our services to sustain our efforts and value our contributions.
  3. Being Patient with the Platform and Web3 Space: While patience is important, we also need to balance it with proactive efforts and timely actions.
  4. Blaming Others for Not Achieving Goals: Take responsibility for our goals and work collaboratively to overcome challenges.

Thank You to Our Contributors

We extend our thanks to the following creators for their valuable contributions to the conversation. 

    Last thought for you.

    By doubling down on key areas, leveraging our current strengths, and making necessary changes, we can continue to drive the growth and evolution of the Metaverse. Stay tuned for more exciting discussions and events as we build the future together!