Thursday, March 17, 6:00 PM EST
Author: @hiCeeCee

In March, an incredible AMA occurred in Twitter Spaces between the Creative Owls project and Polygon Studios, home for NFT, Gaming, and Metaverse projects that are on the Polygon protocol. Together, they aim to innovate the Polygon Blockchain and build a global community.

Creative Owls announced in March that his brand is partnering with Polygon Studios. In celebration of this partnership, these two organizations took to Twitter Spaces to get to know each other better. First up? Our friend Creative.

If you haven’t met Creative Owls, let me introduce you to this incredible community leader. Creative is one of the driving forces behind the Polygon Alliance. He is the founder, director and advocate for the Polygon Showcase and the Polygon Social. He is a creator and the artist behind the sold out Moonlight Owl collection on Creative is a mentor and advocate of women in the DeFi space.

The anticipation of the AMA and a desire to support one of the community’s most celebrated leaders, the list of attendees is a long one and featured prominent names in  the Polygon community. @megaretro, @dav.c @soma_AI, @vans_Cmkro took the stage and attested to the contributions Creative has made as an innovator, thought leader, mentor and friend. Though the focus was on Creative, he took time out to acknowledge his peers. “I think it’s a great opportunity to really get my community involved in what we’re doing.”

While Polygon Studios primary focus is on working with the gaming aspect of polygon. They were “really attracted to Creative Owls by how organic and involved the community was.” Impressed by the resources shared around security, information and education, Polygon Studios highlighted this as one of the reasons they chose to partner with the Creative Owls brand.

After introductions and some light and friendly banter, the Host got down to the nitty-gritty Q&A session.


My best friend is very knowledgeable in technology and crypto. Around 2015 he introduced Creative to IoT, crypto and stocks. He also educated Creative about the blockchain and its benefits. With that, Creative began to invest, had early success and recognized there is value in the DeFi space. Utilizing his skills in content creation, marketing, and web development, Creative dove into the artistic side of DeFi and designed a project that filled a gap in the NFT community. Thus the Moonlight Owls collection was born. But it did not fully take off until Creative partnered with the Polygon Community and the thought leaders he met there. With the realization that in order to lift everyone up, the community needed to come together and be the leaders it wanted to see in the space. This is where the Creative Owls project could really shine. Creative also mentioned he does this after his 9-5 job to keep busy and learning new technology. 



Polygon Studios interjected to comment “it sounds like you’re giving the agency to your community to also be their own thought leaders… as they continue to educate themselves”


Creative takes a beat as Polygon Studios begins to see the bigger picture. Creative revealed that there is no place for gatekeeping as it brings zero value to him, his project, other artists or the Polygon community. “There was a real opportunity to take [the digital art side of Polygon] to the next level and that is exactly what we have done”.




STARTING MEGACREATIVE SHOW – Helping to educate the community using the MegaCreative Show has led us to a place where we can now cross pollinate polygon communities. “Think about polygon as one universal campus and the Twitter Spaces are classrooms. We are all learning and picking up new traits every day”.


DESIGNING AND DIRECTING THE POLYGON SHOWCASE. Over 130 NFT artists from around the world made the showcase the biggest event in the Metaverse. Creating an opportunity for artists to showcase their work and evolve as artists and advocates of their brand.


DESIGNING AND OPENING OF POLYGON SOCIAL – Because our global community never sleeps, Polygon Social is a 24-hour space where artists can collaborate, talk about their work, and portal hop. Created by using the Oculus VR set, Creatives’ goal is to innovate a space where artists could show their work, host reveal parties and live drops.


Not one to sit back and bask in the glow of success. Creative continues to drive forward. How can these immersive events be enhanced? How can we get more people to experience these moments and be a part of the future? Cue the drum roll…

RECRUITING CONTENT CREATORS INTO SPATIAL  – We have on-boarded over 200 artists to Spatial. Each one owning their own space where they can display their work without having to pay for the privilege. This shift to a Metaverse experience enhances the whole polygon community and gives the Creative Owls project a new utility to offer artists.


POLYGON NEWSLETTER  – So much happens on Twitter. There is so much information flowing, how can we capture it? Discord is amazing but it is vast and sometimes confusing. Creative decided to channel information into a monthly newsletter to help get the most out of all the offerings in the community. In addition to education, the newsletter highlights people within the Polygon community who would otherwise be overlooked by larger publications. Creative consulted with other Twitter Space hosts to curate a list of the top performing artists in the space. With an 86% opening rate and only in its third month of publication, the Polygon newsletter is a great resource for investors coming into the space who want a reliable source of information on various available projects. It is a shining star in the Creative Owls crown and another opportunity for the community to utilize a platform to grow together. Readership is at about 300 but the goal is to get to 1,000 by June or July as crypto goes more mainstream.


Creative sounded a call to action to all creators to contact him to get their projects featured in the newsletter in order to get more eyes on it. Send your inquiries to CREATIVE OWLS DISCORD?EMAIL?. 


YOUTUBE EDUCATION  – While working with Spatial, Creative realized that there existed a steep learning curve for individuals who were unfamiliar with technology. Using his voice and video content skills, Creative crafted a Youtube video on how to craft gallery in


MOONLIGHT OWL COLLECTION SOLD OUT  – With 3.1 ETH in volume trade. The collection is a testament that you can be a 1 of 1 creator on the Polygon Blockchain and be successful. You do have to work hard, help others, be consistent and put thought into your actions.


Polygon studios breathlessly celebrated all of Creative’s accomplishments and is eager to uplift and celebrate his work. They are excited to share his efforts and his incredible project with the polygon ecosystem. Education is one of the biggest barriers to entry into the crypto space and Creative Owls is doing what he can to lower that barrier. Creative’s efforts are not going unnoticed as evidenced by his partnership with Polygon Studios and many others looking to dive into the Polygon space.




 Creatives’ community consists of content creators from all over the world. The end goal is to also cultivate collectors into the community who want to get into projects at a good price point.


The obvious attraction of Polygon is the low transaction fees and the speed at which everything can be done. In addition to that, Creative saw there were already incredible thought leaders in the community and tech space. He recognized the consistent innovation, collaboration and a constant pushing of the limits. Creative saw this as a great foundation for him to work from the ground up.

Creative ended this interview question with “Polygon Studios received a 450M investment. There are more investors coming into the space. This space is going to grow. But the main part is the community. Not only can I share my knowledge but I can also learn from it.”


Not one to mince words, Creative replied, “I’m going to keep educating, keep being a part of community events, keep being a thought leader in the space by staying in the Twitter spaces and continuing to educate myself. I’m going to continue to partner with web3 brands that support my mission and my community. My overall goal is to be the number one NFT project in the metaverse for digital artists and help others along the way.”

This ended the Q&A portion of the show but the best was definitely saved for last. Continue on dear reader, you won’t want to miss what comes next.

Polygon Studios is taking next steps in the development of the polygon space by partnering with projects that are doing groundbreaking work such as the Creative Owls project. Education is a basis for any growth and any community. Polygon studios is thrilled that Creative Owls chose Polygon to scale his project, dreams, community, his everything. They are grateful and happy to have him on the team.

Creative shared his roadmap, if you are interested in reading it in full, you can go to his first gallery where it is posted on the wall.


While the AMA began to wind down, Creative shared a little about his upcoming events. If you’re interested in knowing more, please visit our website at He also shocked the room when he announced that his second collection will be dropping June 24th 2022.

Not to be outdone in hospitality and grace, an invitation was extended to Polygon Studios to be a guest on the  #megacreativeshow in the near future. Hold on to your seat dear reader, it’s going to get exciting.