Are you looking to create your own metaverse gallery? Do you have an NFT collection you want to showcase? Check out my latest YouTube video on how to set up a metaverse NFT gallery in

Supported File Types
Spatial supports a wide array of file formats (see table below for more info):

  • 3D: GLB, glTF, FBX,OBJ, DAE, PCD
  • Videos: MP4, GIFs, MKV, MOV, AVI, WMV, WEBM
  • Images: PNG, JPEG, TIFF
  • Documents: .docx, .pptx, .xlsx, .pdf

Other things to consider when creating and sharing your gallery

  • Turn on spatial audio to allow for separate conversations in your gallery
  • Lock items so others can’t move them
  • Room permissions
    • Set your gallery Share permissions to “Anyone with a link” to make it more widely accessible (good for sharing on your website or social channels)
    • Set permissions to “Only those invited” to keep the gallery more private.
    • Use Host Tools to ensure no guests make any unwanted changes to your gallery

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Creating your own NFT gallery can be fun and excited. I suggest creating areas in your gallery for your viewers to learn about yourself. Give some details that provide value to the users checking out your bio or story. 

When it comes to engagement in the metaverse here are 2 things to do to create engagement.

  1. Group introductions – ask everybody to take turns introducing themselves. 
  2. Treasure Hunt games – hide  NFTs or 3D keys in your metaverse ask your users to find them for giveaways. How you do it, is up to you