Polygon Showcase Creative Owls

Author: @hiCeeCee

Upon entering the Polygon Showcase in Spatial.io, one notices the now-iconic purple, white and green CreativeOwls environment. Upon closer inspection, you will see his sold-out collection of Moonlight Owls. This Metaverse differs significantly from the first Polygon showcase and the Polygon social environments. To be direct, it’s bigger. Possibly one of the largest environments in the Spatial Metaverse. Creative went all out on this one, and it shows.

The success of the previous showcase inspired the ‘go big or go home’ efforts for this show. Creatives’ partnership with Polygon Studios and DASH Radio allowed great promotion and a fantastic music playlist during the artist interview breaks. This author will neither confirm nor deny a spaceship dance party that may or may not have occurred on Saturday.

With a small team of dedicated volunteers, Creative could fine-tune the environment to perfection. His connection with the Polygon community brought innovative creators to sign up. Over 75+ projects displayed their work in one Metaverse. If you were unable to get into this Showcase, there is good news at the end.

The anticipation of this showcase was palpable for weeks in the Twitterverse. There were a finite number of spots available for artists. Two packages were available for purchase. The white package granted the web3 creator (1) piece in the showroom and a time slot to speak during the show. The real prize was the gold package. This gave the web3 creator (6) spots for art and a portal. The gold package sold out in less than a minute. The lucky six were floating on air for days afterward. 

What was the goal of this showcase? First and foremost, have a good time. The grind of the web3 content creators’ life in the web3 community can be challenging. The showcase is an opportunity for creators to take a beat and bask in the love and appreciation of their hard work.  It was also a goal to introduce new collectors to the NFT community. Content creators spend so much time together that they can forget the broader world is excited to get to know them and their work. Selling NFTs is an obvious one but had to be mentioned. Onboarding new artists into the Polygon community is an ongoing effort, and this event was no exception. With the inevitable popularity of NFTs and web3 going mainstream, the community will benefit from fellow content creators joining the movement. Last but not least, the showcase aims to educate anyone interested in web3.

The two-day event kicked off with a Polygon showcase lobby selfie accompanied by DASH radio tunes in the background. The gold package artists each had a floating platform with an owls eye view of the gallery. If you missed the show, don’t fret, dear reader, it is open, and you are welcome to explore HERE.

Some of the projects featured in the showcase have an incredible utility attached to them. Many projects evoke emotional responses, have a real-world asset attached to them, and some are the product of astonishing collaboration among talented artists. 


Part of the showcase featured a world-class panel of speakers from the web3 community. On Saturday, Spatial experts GiannaV and RhondaX joined the panels’ host, CreativeOwls, to discuss the future of web3. On Sunday, the audience joined in a talk with Tyrone. A web3 thought leader and successful Metaverse gallery owner, to talk a bit about his journey. Tyrone shared how he sees artists using Spatial to their advantage. He also reiterated the NFT community mantra ‘consistency is key.’ If you want to know more about Tyrone and his art, you can follow him on Twitter @Windswept1111. 

Both Days ended with @Vdk_Music and @FreeSpiritsNFT showcasing their talents with a live AI art demonstration using the Night Cafe Studios platform. If you’re interested in learning more, you are in luck. @Vdk_Music is developing an interactive Metaverse AI master class series. Be sure to follow her on Twitter and look out for upcoming announcements.

This event was the largest showcase of Polygon NFTs in the Polygon community. It brought artists together in one space, and you know what happens when creative minds collide? Beautiful innovation occurs. CreativeOwls is fostering a space where content creators can come together and share their passions, their talents, and ideas. This movement, dear reader, is growing, and the tide will soon be too big to ignore. We are in the New Golden Age. It will crash upon the shores of web2 and the status quo. Be ready, get involved, and ride this wave or risk being in the undertow.

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As promised, dear reader, the good news. The next Showcase will be on July 9 and 10. Visit creativeowls.io for details.