Arkio + Spatial

Arkio made a splash in the Metaverse with their HQ reveal in Spatial. With an Icelandic-inspired environment designed by Richard Allen, a nod to the company’s home country, they wowed attendees with their spacious Lecture hall and impressive gallery featuring Icelandic digital artists and creatives, and a learning center. It is currently featured on the Spatial explorer tab. Visit metaverse. 

Arkio + Spatial

Spatial is the Metaverse for digital content creators—a place to make and share 3D content and bring ideas to life. Arguably the highlight of the presentation was the reveal of a design challenge. Not to be outdone, @Figment_io is inviting all spatial creators to design their HQ in Arkio. Are you interested in entering? Join the Arkio Discord for more information on how to enter.

Arkio is an enterprise platform for spatial design—similar to Sketch or Photoshop—that launched its first product earlier this year: Arkio Studio. The new tool lets people use familiar interfaces from their favorite creative tools like Sketch and Adobe Illustrator (or even PowerPoint) to create 3D content without specialized software knowledge or training in 3D modeling applications.

With Spatial’s integration of the Arkio Studio into their platform, users will be able to create and upload anything from logos or websites up through architectural models by using any device with an internet connection—all within seconds!

Arkio + Spatial

Spatial and Arkio, a match made in the Metaverse.

Arkio is a platform that aims to make 3D designs more accessible. Spatial is a free metaverse for creatives. A perfect recipe for a renaissance. Are you looking to explore web3? Would you like to learn how to launch your Metaverse business? Maybe meet new people, Collaborate, or have a little fun? Spatial is the place to be, dear reader. Trust me.

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Author: CeeCee