The home of the NFT Polygon community, The Polygon Social, is set to get an environment upgrade this Aug 22, 2022. With over 50,000 metaverse users across the globe, The Polygon Social has served as a metaverse hub for digital NFT artists and collectors. Ranking as one of the top metaverse environments in Spatial.io with 15,000 visits, Polygon Social has hosted Live NFT Polygon Showcases, Education Training Sessions, Live Music Performances, NFT Reveal Parties, and Web Panel Sessions.

As Metaverse platforms upgrade, shouldn’t our environments?

The 4 custom levels provide new experiences for metaverse users. You will discover moving hover pads, elevators, and a few ships to get your avatar around.  The music hall will serve as an auditorium for creators and artists to present and perform.  The bottom floor will host the training area for smaller group sessions and networking events.  Click and buy options to purchase NFTs will be available on the ART level showcasing the top polygon projects.

In the future, the team will be rolling out the Owls Loyalty Points Program. Earn points and redeem them for free products, discounts on items, hosting your own event in Polygon Social, and much more.

We need a metaverse hub that allows us to showcase our digital assets, educate and collaborate as a digital community. As technology enhances, we need metaverse environments to scale with us.


Metaverse Events - CreativeOwls
Metaverse Events - CreativeOwls

The design was based on an event CreativeOwls attended at NFT NYC at the Samsung 837 build – Into The Metaverse by Ready Player Me, Spatial, The Fabricant. The open floor concept allows users to collaborate and never miss a moment of the action. Using Gravity Sketch & Blender, CreativeOwls was able to architecture this new design and layout.


Tokengaiting access allows the opportunity to provide utility to your community. It’s easy to use. Grateful for the bring users to me function. It helps keep the group together in larger environments.Overall the hosting tools help provide a greater experience for my community while allowing me to monetize my efforts in the space.


Meta Event Planner / Web3 Podcast Host

With Spatial.io being the preferred platform, metaverse users can log in on multiple devices at any time and place worldwide. Being able to share content and connect just got better with the new spatial.io UX/UI hosting tools, hyperlinking feature, cross-chain wallet integration, Ready Player Me integration, and of course, token gating access.

If you are looking to join one of these events, be sure to check out the events page for dates and details. See you in metaverse on Aug 22nd.


Metaverse Events - CreativeOwls
Metaverse Events - CreativeOwls

Polygon Social 2.0 Features

  • 4 Levels
    • Community NFT Art level
    • Community Stage level
    • Community Training level
    • Community Music Hall level
  • Moving Objects
    • Hover pads
    • Ships
    • Elevator
  • 30 Seats
  • 50 Art frames