Meta and Instagram, the popular photo and video sharing app, has just announced a new feature that allows users to sell and display their digital collectibles. This is a major development for the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), as it brings this nascent technology one step closer to mainstream adoption.

Polygon, the company behind Instagram and Meta’s new feature, sees it as a way to help users “display and manage their collections in a more engaging way.” NFTs have long been seen as a potential replacement for physical collectibles, such as baseball cards or stamps, and this latest move by Instagram could help speed up that process.

For digital creators, this announcement could provide a valuable new way to reach and explore new audiences. By selling NFTs on Instagram, they can tap into the app’s massive user base, which currently numbers more than 1 billion people. This could provide a much-needed boost for creators looking to monetize their work.

Whether you’re a creator or a collector, this new integration allows users to share their NFTs/digital collectibles and verify ownership.

Connecting a digital wallet. Once connected, creators and collectors will have the ability to choose which NFTs from their wallet they would like to share on Instagram.

Sharing digital collectibles. Once a creator or collector posts a digital collectible, it will have a shimmer effect and can display public information, such as a description of the NFT. Posts will also be visible on their profile.

Automatic tagging of both the creator and collector. The creator and collector can be automatically attributed in the digital collectible post (subject to their privacy settings).

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