Are you a creator wanting to bring your 3D environment into the metaverse?

Step 1:  Select New Space

Step 2: Select the add content “+” button at the bottom navigation

Step 3: Upload the correct file type (GLB)

Step 4: Select object, then select set custom environment

Step 5: Set position and scale

Step 6: Select looks good

Bonus tipSet a Custom Entrance Point in your environment to determine where users will spawn when they join a metaverse environment. Navigate to your Environment settings and click Custom Spawn Point. 

GLB/GLTF is my recommended file type, but they support FBX and OBJ.

Uploading Content & Supported File Types 3D: GLB, glTF, FBX,OBJ, DAE, PCD

Spatial 3D Model Preparation Guide Textures Tips: Recommended: 1024px x 1024px, and a maximum of 8 textures. Maximum: 1024px x 1024 px, up to 16 textures OR 2048px x 2048px, maximum of 4 textures 3D Files -Recommend that you use a maximum texture size of 2048×2048. 

How to Create a Badge in

How to Create a Badge in

Badges can only be rewarded in Space packages, not in Space Templates. Check out the explanation of the difference between spaces and space templates here: Spaces & Space Templates Badges can be shared across multiple spaces if they are created from the same Unity...

What is Spatial Computing?

What is Spatial Computing?

What is Spatial Computing? Spatial computing is a new form of human-computer interaction that combines traditional computing with 3D location. It enables users to interact with machines in ways that are more natural and intuitive than ever before. With spatial...