Are you a creator wanting to bring your 3D environment into the metaverse?

Step 1:  Select New Space

Step 2: Select the add content “+” button at the bottom navigation

Step 3: Upload the correct file type (GLB)

Step 4: Select object, then select set custom environment

Step 5: Set position and scale

Step 6: Select looks good

Bonus tipSet a Custom Entrance Point in your environment to determine where users will spawn when they join a metaverse environment. Navigate to your Environment settings and click Custom Spawn Point. 

GLB/GLTF is my recommended file type, but they support FBX and OBJ.

Uploading Content & Supported File Types 3D: GLB, glTF, FBX,OBJ, DAE, PCD

Spatial 3D Model Preparation Guide Textures Tips: Recommended: 1024px x 1024px, and a maximum of 8 textures. Maximum: 1024px x 1024 px, up to 16 textures OR 2048px x 2048px, maximum of 4 textures 3D Files -Recommend that you use a maximum texture size of 2048×2048. 

What is Spatial Computing?

What is Spatial Computing?

What is Spatial Computing? Spatial computing is a new form of human-computer interaction that combines traditional computing with 3D location. It enables users to interact with machines in ways that are more natural and intuitive than ever before. With spatial...