The inaugural event of the Women in Web3 group is this Thursday, December 8th! Supported by Polygon Studios and Interverse AI, this virtual event will be hosted in Polygon Social metaverse space where we will discuss the importance of women’s participation in Web3. This event will bring together a diverse range of industry experts to discuss the impact that women can have on this growing space.

Why Women Need to be Part of Web3

As with any industry, gender disparity in technology and web development is still largely a reality. Despite the benefits that come from having an equal labor force, there are still many obstacles preventing women from participating fully in Web3. It is crucial that we create more opportunities for women to participate and take leadership roles in this space in order to capitalize on its evolution.

At this event, participants will have access to data about the current state of the crypto market, metaverse, gaming, NFTs, and blockchain, and how it impacts the development of Web3. In addition, attendees will explore ways to network and create new business opportunities for themselves as digital content creators, artists or project owners. This event seeks to provide tangible steps for anyone who wants to get involved with or stay informed about Web3 developments.

100 WomXn by Polygon Social on 12-7-22 at 12.44 PM (6)

The ‘100 Women Leading Web3’ event also serves as a platform for inspiring stories from female leaders who are already working with blockchain technology and other technologies related to decentralised networks such as AI, machine learning, etc., as well as exploring new possibilities offered by these emerging technologies. There will be plenty of opportunities for networking within these spaces so that you can find people who share your interests and goals!


Sajna RhmanJanine Subgang , Yasmina Kazitani ,  Mariem Farhat , Joanna Marks , Rebecca Jones, Daria Yakovleva , Vanessa CamacaroKaty Hackney , Eileen Chen , Jac Vaca , Gianna Valentina , Maria Vovchok

We hope that you join us on Thursday, December 8th, at Polygon Social – an interactive metaverse space – for ‘100 Women Leading Web3’! This virtual event provides a great opportunity for everyone interested in entering or staying informed about web development trends and future technologies related it.

We look forward to seeing you there! 

The event is open to the public, who can sign up via Eventbrite, here.

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