Creative Owls, the digital content creator and artist, has earned a remarkable opportunity to showcase their AI-generated artwork at #NFTNYC2024 in New York City. This exciting news comes with a unique feature: Creative Owls’ creations will be displayed on Times Square billboards, making a bold statement in one of the world’s most iconic locations. Let’s explore the significance of this achievement and how Creative Owls’ artwork will be featured throughout #NFTNYC2024.

Creative Owls’ Spectacular Display:
Being chosen to exhibit artwork in Times Square underscores the impact and recognition of Creative Owls’ artistic talent. Their pieces will capture the attention of passersby amidst the bustling energy of New York City. Alongside this prime showcase, Creative Owls’ artwork will be integrated into various aspects of #NFTNYC2024 in Hudson Yards, from the rooftop Artists Village gallery to digital twin tickets and artist edition merch. Their work will also appear on physical and digital NFT postcards and on the NFT.NYC website, ensuring a widespread presence throughout the event.

Engaging with Creative Owls’ Artistic Vision:
Attendees will have the chance to engage directly with Creative Owls’ artwork, gaining insights into their creative process and the fusion of art and technology. Through interactive workshops and discussions, Creative Owls aims to spark conversations about the evolving landscape of digital creativity. By inviting audiences to experience their artwork firsthand, Creative Owls hopes to inspire a sense of wonder and exploration.