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Metaverse NFTs metaverse NFT collection was created on the Polygon blockchain.  All metaverse on design for

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Creative Studio

Looking for a unique and luxurious way to showcase your digital assets and ideas? Look no further than the Creative Studio! This custom-designed 3D model is perfect for hosting private or public events, and offers both indoor and outdoor space for your guests to explore. With its luxurious design and attention to detail, the Creative Studio is sure to impress anyone who visits your metaverse! photo

Art Wellness Center – SOLD OUT

This Art Wellness Center is a 3D model, custom-designed, and a 1 of 1 edition. Entertain your metaverse guest by hosting private or public events in your own Art Wellness Center. This 3D design offers indoor and outdoor luxury space for all your digital assets and creative ideas. This Art Wellness Center offers 5 incredible sections (including your very own Art Gallery section), 2 stages, and one amazing open ceiling design.

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