Creative Owls NFTs (Non-fungible token)

Moon Light Owls

Moon Light Owns is an NFT collection created on the Polygon blockchain. Moon Light Owls is a limited collection, Individually Designed of 50 items, all 1/1 editions, never to be minted again.

Creative Owls NFT Logo
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Moon Light Owls is a Limited collection, Individually Designed of 50 items, all 1/1 editions. None will ever be minted again. Each NFT allows you into metaverse events, exclusive access to metaverse rooms with other NFT holders, NFTs holders art will be displayed in upcoming events, live QA sessions, and voting power for future projects. photo

Price breakdown – Releasing schedule

  • 1-10 (.001eth – .015 eth) Pre-sale going on now SOLD OUT

  • 1122 (.019 eth and up) Nov 22, 2021 OpenSea available. SOLD OUT

  • 2333 (.04 eth and up) Nov 28, 2021 OpenSea available. SOLD OUT

  • 34+ 43 (.10 eth and up) Dec 2, 2021 OpenSea available. SOLD OUT

  • 44+ 50 (.5 eth and up) Jan 22, 2022 OpenSea available. SOLD OUT

Creative Owl Owners Perks

  • Access to CreativeOwls private Metaverse

  • First access to new NFT

  • Access to private metaverse meetup

  • Early registration access to creative owls’ upcoming events

  • Access to Private Twitter channel

  • Access to Private Discord channel

  • Access to new Metaverse environments before going live to the public

Creative Owls Roadmap

Project is currently on “PHASE 6”

Phase 1- Pre-Launch

  • Get MoonLight Owls NFT drop published on NFT Calendar
  • Launch website
  • Launch collection
  • Launch Twitter social media account
  • Launch Instagram social media account

Phase 2 – NFT Launch

  • Launch Moon Light Owls NFT Gallery
  • Launch First NFT collaboration project with the Polygon community
  • Launch NFT Project Nov 22, 2021
  • Launch Roadmap

Phase 3 – Sell 50% NFTs 

  • Launch Discord Channel 
  • Launch Morning Podcast Show “Mega Creative Show”
  • Launch NFT merch store
  • Launch Monthly Polygon Newsletter
  • Launch Polygon Showcase

Phase 4 – Sell 100% NFTs 

  • Launch Polygon Social Metaverse
  • Launch YouTube Channel
  • Launch Mega Creative Show discord channel
  • Launch Polygon Social discord channel

Phase 5 – Creative Owl 

Phase 6 – Master Mind Owls

  • NFT collection reach 5 ETH vol sales
  • Holders will receive 2 CreativeOwls merch
  • New NFT project will begin Master Mind Owls
  • Whitelisting begins